Sunday, May 18, 2014

Daniel Waterland on Christ's Divinity

Daniel Waterland (14 February 1683 – 23 December 1740) was an English theologian who defended the the full divinity of Christ against the Arians, Semi-Arians and Socinians of his day. The following are links to some of his works on the subject. For many of the works there are multiple versions (of differing editions, dates, and scan quality) in Google Books.

Like all older defenses of the doctrine of the Trinity, the following works by Dr. Waterland have some deficiencies and problems which I point out in my blog:

Problematic Passages Used In Defense of the Trinity

The importance of the doctrine of the Holy Trinity asserted, inreply to some late pamphlets

Vindication of Christ's Divinity by Dr. Waterland

A Second Vindication of Christ's Divinity

A Farther Vindication of Christ's Divinity

Eight sermons preach'd at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, in defense of the Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ

An Answer to Dr. Whitby's Reply : being a vindication of the charge of fallacies, misquotations, misconstructions, misrepresentations, etc., respecting his book intituled Disquisitiones modestae, in a letter to Dr. Whitby (1720)

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