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Comments and Blog Posts on the Trinity

The following are links to either comments I've made on other people's blogs on the topic of the Trinity or links to my own blogs on the topic of the Trinity. I've listed them from the earliest to the latest (meaning the most recent is at the bottom).

I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND Steve Hays' posts in defense of the Trinity against Unitarians Dale Tuggy and Drake Shelton. Unfortunately Steve didn't consistently label his blogs when he was interacting with Tuggy or Shelton. So, merely clicking on the labels at the bottom of his blog posts won't result in you being able to access all of his blogs on a topic.

Here's a random example:

Steve's blog "My Lord and my God" is in response to Drake Shelton. Here are the labels at the bottom of the blog post, "anti-Trinitarianism, Christology, Gordon Clark, hermeneutics, Scripturalism." Notice that Drake Shelton's name isn't included. This means that if you clicked on another blog that did include "Drake Shelton" as a label, Steve's blog "My Lord and my God" will not be included in the search results.

So, for a more thorough search on you can do the following. 
1. Go to and type in "" in the "site or domain:" field. Don't type "" [i.e. leave out "www." or "http://www."]

2. Then type in keywords in the various "Find Pages with..." fields. You can type in words like "Drake", "Shelton", "Dale", "Tuggy", "anti-Trinitarianism", "Christology", "Unitarianism", "incarnation", "Trinity", etc.

The only true God

The human face of God

Do we need a "Trinity verse"?

Dialogue with James, aka Annoyed Pinoy (Trinity Versus Christ)

F[L]air-minded Reinvention of the Wheel (COMPLETE BLOG)

Do Rocks Dream of Ceramic Sheep? OR Jade Runner (COMPLETE BLOG)

The Dale follies

"Foolish nonsense"

Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?

He is the true God


"Begotten, not made"

The Eternal Sonship of Christ

Trinitarian plumbing

"My Lord and my God"

Reply to Ryan

Replying to ANNOYED PINOY’s Comments at Triablogue

Everyone is crazy but me!

Origen on Our Object of Prayer by Mark Xu, ed. Drake

Identity and Trinity

God came down

Tuggy's latest failure

Giving the devil his due

Episode 113: You Are God Alone (Not A God)

Apollinarianism redux
                                 Related blog: Incarnation and reincarnation

Disfellowshipping Calvinists as damnable heretics

 Do Trinitarian theories conflict with the New Testament? (COMPLETE BLOG)

continuing the conversation with Robert Bowman – different selves, same being?

Unitarian evangelism

Dr. Michael Heiser on Old Testament binitarianism

Jesus and the prophets

The coming king

Quote-mining the church fathers

Is the Incarnation possible?

The deity of Christ in Hebrews 1

God over all, forever blessed

 My Last Remarks to Dale Tuggy on Triablogue's blogpost "God over all, forever blessed" (COMPLETE BLOG)

Dale Tuggy's Da Vinci Code

Worshipping a Merely Human Jesus Is Wrong No Matter How Exalted (COMPLETE BLOG)

Is Jesus the eternal Logos?

And the Word was God

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us

What does Jesus know?

 Jesus' Omniscience (COMPLETE BLOG)

Angelomorphic Christology

Jesus Christ, the Angel of Jehovah, and Michael the Archangel - part 1

Unitarian Judaism

Jesus Christ, the Angel of Jehovah, and Michael the Archangel - part 2

Gregory of Nazinazus on the Father as "greater" than the Son (John 14:28)

Gender and Trinity

The shadow God

The Only One

Dreaming and dual consciousness

What's the image of God?

The Immortal dies!


Composition fallacy

The Lord said to my Lord

The man Jesus Christ

"Faith is believing what you know ain't so"

God and God's Spirit

Keep yourselves from idols

Unitarian weasel watch

I said you are gods

Twilight of the gods

Arian and humanitarian unitarianism

"Why call me good"?

"No one is good but God"

The Most Plausible Anti-Trinitarian Complaint

I-Thou relationships

High and glorified

Yesterday, today, and forever

Is unitarian theism impossible?

In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti

Are the "I am" statements authentic?

God Incognito

Mariolatry and unitarianism

Did Jesus call himself God?

The Poseidon Adventure

The Coneheads

Gored by the horns of a dilemma

The spirit of Elijah


Samples of My Own Complete Blogs on the Trinity:

F[L]air-minded Reinvention of the Wheel (COMPLETE BLOGPOST)

Do Rocks Dream of Ceramic Sheep? OR Jade Runner (COMPLETE BLOGPOST)

Trinity Notes (this blog you're currently visiting)

I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND one of my other blog posts (on a different blog) titled:

Resources in Defense of Trinitarianism 

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