Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Names of Jesus and of the Holy Spirit by Elmer L. Towns

The following two books by Elmer L. Towns weren't written to prove the Divinity of Christ or of the Holy Spirit. Nevertheless, these books provide additional supplementary evidence by collecting the names, titles and descriptions of Christ and the Holy Spirit. Some of which imply their full deity. In these books Towns includes some names which I personally think should be reserved for God the Father alone. Also, some of the names gleaned from the text of the Bible are kind of a stretch. While others do seem to be Old Testament r'mazim hinting at Christ or the Holy Spirit respectively. Having given those caveats, I recommend them as resources that can lead to further supporting evidence for the full deity of both Christ and the Holy Spirit.

The Names of Jesus by Elmer L. Towns [ over 700 names]

The Names of the Holy Spirit by Elmer L. Towns

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