Monday, March 7, 2016

Interactions with Well Known Unitarian and Philosopher Dale Tuggy

My main blogpost where I've collected comments I've made on other blogs on the doctrine of the Trinity is located HERE. The following chronological links are to those ones where I've interacted with well known Unitarian and philosopher Dale Tuggy either from a distance or in in-depth dialogue. Included are my full length blogposts dedicated to responding to Dale Tuggy (in enlarged red font). One will notice that as time progresses I interact more and more with Dale. So much so that in some links it's mostly Dale and myself dialoguing/debating in the blogposts. For the most part both Dale and myself were very cordial, friendly and respectful. Though, we didn't pull any punches.

Do we need a "Trinity verse"?

The Dale follies

"Foolish nonsense"

"Begotten, not made"

Identity and Trinity

God came down

Tuggy's latest failure

Giving the devil his due

continuing the conversation with Robert Bowman – different selves, same being?

Unitarian evangelism

Do Trinitarian theories conflict with the New Testament?

Dr. Michael Heiser on Old Testament binitarianism

Jesus and the prophets

The coming king

Quote-mining the church fathers

Is the Incarnation possible?

The deity of Christ in Hebrews 1

God over all, forever blessed

My Last Remarks to Dale Tuggy on Triablogue's blogpost "God over all, forever blessed"

Dale Tuggy's Da Vinci Code

Worshipping a Merely Human Jesus Is Wrong No Matter How Exalted

Is Jesus the eternal Logos?

And the Word was God

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us

What does Jesus know?

Jesus' Omniscience

Unitarian Judaism

The Only One

Composition fallacy

Unitarian weasel watch

Arian and humanitarian unitarianism

"Why call me good"?

High and glorified

Is unitarian theism impossible?

God Incognito

Mariolatry and unitarianism

Did Jesus call himself God?

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