Saturday, August 13, 2016

Jesus as Yahweh/Jehovah Resources

This blogpost will be dedicated to collecting resources by other authors that strongly argue for Jesus being identified as Yahweh/Jehovah (at least in some sense). I have already written my own blogpost on the topic: Identifying Jesus with Yahweh/Jehovah

I'll be adding more as I have time.

Lord or Jehovah? Ephesians 6:1-9 in the New World Translation by Robert Bowman

Paul's Christology of Divine Identity by Bauckham
(Read it here or here, or here, or here, or here)

Introductory Videos on the Trinity

YouTube channel InspiringPhilosophy has some good introductory videos on the Trinity. They aren't perfect, but in general the good outweighs the bad, and some videos are better than others. I especially want to highlight the video on whether the doctrine of the Trinity has pagan origins.

Is the Trinity Pagan?

Jewish Recognition of Trinitarian Facts

The Truth about the Council of Nicaea

The Trinity in the Old Testament

The above video is almost perfect. However, there are 4 places where instead of using the word "being" or "beings", I would have used the word "person" or "persons" if I were defending the most popular understanding of the Trinity among modern Evangelical Trinitarians. The places are:

#1 "...and yet distinct from another divine BEING who is also God." (at 4:35).
#2 "...this divine figure is also distinct from another divine BEING who is also God..." (at 4:58)
#3 "...and yet distinct from another divine BEING..." (at 8:25)
#4 "...Three separate divine BEINGS, who are all God." (at 12:46)

By the narrator using the word "being(s)" something like tritheism or Nicene Monarchism (etc.) would be implied. As I've said elsewhere, I'm open to various formulations of the Trinity. But I get the impression that the author of the videos is himself an Evangelical and therefore (presumably) trying to defend the most popular Evangelical formulation of the Trinity. If so, he's confusing his audience.

The remaining videos I may or may not have seen. I know one of them uses an analogy which could be interpreted to imply a form of modalism. Despite the problems these videos have, people new to the concept of the Trinity, or even hostile to the doctrine, might find some of reasons to consider the truth of the doctrine of the Trinity.

The Trinity in the New Testament

What Is the Trinity?

Why is the Trinity Necessary?

Refuting Objections to the Trinity (Part 1)

Refuting Objections to the Trinity (Part 2)

The Trinity Explained (with Reason)

The Trinity Explained 2 (with Reason)