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Concerning the Magnificent and August Names and Titles of the Messiah in the Old Testament by John Gill

originally posted 6/15/2015

The following is chapter 13 of John Gill's book The Prophecies of the Old Testament Respecting the Messiah. I have highlighted (and sometimes also made bold) some passages that support the Messiahship of Jesus and His Full Deity. The many typographical errors are probably due to uncorrected optical character recognition scanning errors. The entire book can be read at the following links. [HERE (recommended copy to read), or HERE (source of the copy below), or HERE, or scanned version HERE]

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The Prophecies of the Old Testament Respecting Messiah

By John Gill

Chapter 13

Concerning the magnificent and august names and titles of the Messiah in the Old Testament.


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[6] hymç yrqtaz Targ kai kaleitai to onoma auto , Sept. kai eklhqh to onoma autou, Aquila. kai klhqhsetai to onoma autou, Symmach.
[7] Isaac Chizuk, Emun. par. 1. e. 21. Much to the same purpose objects the author of the old Nizzachon, p. 86
[8] Kimchi & R. Sol. ben Melech in loc. R. Isaac Chizuk, Emun par. 1. c. 42. who also interpret The Lord our righteousness, of the Messiah in verse 6 and so it is likewise understood by R. Jochanan in Talmud, Baba Bathra, fol. 75. col. 2. by R. Aba bar Cahana in Echa Rabbati, fol. 58 col. 2. by R. Saadiah Gaon in Daniel 7:13. and by Bereshith Babba in Genesis 25:6 in Galatin de Areanis, C. V. lib. 8 c. 3.
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[14] Which is understood of the Messiah by Kimchi, and R. Tauchuma, in Allix's Judgment of the Jewish Church, p. 44, 64.
[15] Hammond on Luke 1:78 Bishop Chandler's Defence of Christianity, p. 28, 246.
[16] Hist. lib. 5. c. 13.

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