Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Trinity (A Poem)

Thou dear and great mysterious Three,
For ever be adored;
For all the endless grace we see
In our Redeemer stored. 

The Father's ancient grace we sing,
That chose us in our Head;
Ordaining Christ, our God and King,
To suffer in our stead.
The sacred Son, in equal strains,
With reverence we address,
For all His grace, and dying pains,
And splendid righteousness. 

With tuneful tongue, the Holy Ghost,
For His great work we praise;
Whose power inspires the blood-bought host
Their grateful voice to raise.

Thus the Eternal Three in One
We join to praise, for grace
And endless glory through the Son,
As shining from His face.
Author Unknown

Taken from Prevailing Prayer by D.L. Moody
(online HERE or HERE)

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